26 Feb 2016

Future Developments

We have lots of exciting business in the pipeline here at Barbwire Design. After our recent new website launch with platforms allowing us to run an online shop, we shall be adding plenty of new products on a regular basis. But even if a product is not on the shop yet, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it! We pretty much print or design anything, from client templates or bespoke designs. We like a challenge.

We have now sealed partnership with our print team, web team and ad sales team. We have another exciting partnership due to be revealed later this year, adding a superb new shop to our already growing range.

We currently have our sales team compiling an exciting and eyecatching ad campaign to go out across the net. Hitting pages such as ‘The Daily Mail’ and ‘The Sun’ we are set for a BIG rush. This is also something we can offer our clients. A targeted online advertising campaign that works. Get your return within days of launching the campaign!

Keep an eye on our blog for further developments.


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